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Maria Nurowska - is the author of novels and dramas and one of the most popular Polish writers. Most of her, almost thirty books – from Don’t Shoot the Organist (1975), My Life with Marlon Brando (1976), Postscriptum (1989, republished by WAB), Spanish eyes (1990, republished by WAB) to the recently published Bitter Affair (2003), The Ukrainian Trilogy (2003- 2006) Maids And Widows (1991-1993, published by WAB, 2007) – were met with great reader interest and critical recognition. Her books have been translated into twelve languages, including Chinese and Korean, and were bestsellers in France and Germany (selling in Germany in the hundreds of thousands of copies). In 2006, W.A.B published an autobiography of Maria Nurowska entitled Moon over Zakopane and in 2009 her novel The Case of Nina S.

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